Can Scrum Really Be Used for Hardware?

Why Allen Jones Consulting?

You may have heard about things like Agile and Scrum the predominant Agile approach) and thought “Yes, it works great for the software world, but I have to work with hardware. It won’t work here.” As someone with a passion for both Engineering and Agile, I must tell you that I have seen agile approaches work for both hardware and firmware. Multiple times. And with astounding results.

I have used the approach to take an engineering department that had been devastated by resignations of engineers due to low morale and turn it into a department that released 30 new products in five years, including designing the embedded systems that made up the security and access control system for one of the world’s largest museum complexes. I have used it to break another group out of a cycle that caused them to go five years without a product release and to lead yet another embedded group to create a breakthrough product in two years that took the nearest competitor seven years to match. I am one of fewer than 30 people in the world to be certified by ScrumInc to train people how to use Scrum in Hardware.

I have served in both technical and management roles. On the technical end, I have served in roles ranging from Quality Control Engineer, to Senior Software Engineer, Principal Engineer, and Senior Technical Expert. On the management end, I have served in roles ranging from Quality Control Manager to New Products Engineering Manager, Project Manager, and Program Manager for a development project spread over six cities and three countries. I have seen a wide variety of situations, worked with many cross-functional teams, done consulting for domestic and international groups, and understand what works and what does not. Perhaps most important, I can help you understand not just the “what” but the “why” of what it takes to succeed. Let’s talk.

Certified Scrum@Hardware Trainer

My Approach

My approach is to start out by truly understanding what issues are important to you are and where you want help. You do not get a pre-canned, one-size-fits all, massively expensive system that you neither want nor need. It is critical to me that you always feel that you are getting more than your money’s worth for any services that I provide. If I help you succeed, then I believe that I will succeed as well.